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Date: 7-27-2005 Name: Ritesh Noronha I tried converting a perl script which uses the getopt for commandline arguments. Tinyperl is able to generate the executable , but when i run the executable it fails to find the Getopt package. Any ideas how i can get around this.
Date: 7-18-2005 Name: alex damn windows it opens momenteraly when in click on the exe and when i trya and pen in comand prompt it says file not found and i wa in the right dir in i did put the extension at the end i am confused anyone know how to fix or what im doing wrong
Date: 6-28-2005 Name: guto Hello, Congratulations to TinyPerl at all programmers !! Where i obtain sources to database ? Functions like: open, read, write, close, kill, etc. Thanks !
Date: 4-21-2005 Name: nelson mail-me
Date: 3-23-2005 Name: Tim I can't figure out how to get the module to work. Does anyone know how? Thanks
Date: 3-22-2005 Name: Timothy Forrest I tried adding the DBI module to the file but I get the following error: Can't locate object method" _install_method" via package "DBI" at C:/Documents and Settings/Desktop/TinyPerl/lib/ line 459. Compilation failed in require at (eval 24) line 25. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 24) line 25. Is there any way to connect using DBI to a Oracle Database? My perl script works fine but I don't know how to create an executable using TinyPerl. Please Help - Thanks..
Date: 2-4-2005 Name:
Date: 12-30-2004 Name: Anand A fantastic tool. It works great. Are there plans to create a GUI for TinyPerl? That would be a great addon.
Date: 11-30-2004 Name: Marek your complier does not work al all!
Date: 9-18-2004 Name: Wassercrats This is the only free executable maker that I was able to figure out how to use. I was a little confused because I was expecting the exe that's created to work by itself, in any directory, but you told me and the Perl DLL need to be in the same path as the exe. That should be in the instructions. Also, I'd like to get the source code (if it's in Perl) and edit out the error message I get about LibZip being not found. All I need is the dll file because I use no modules. For now, I clear my console window to get rid of the error message, and everything works.
Date: 8-7-2004 Name: avi nice uility
Date: 7-14-2004 Name: nazar -
Date: 6-24-2004 Name: acmekt I make a small with the only the packages required plus any extra packages. Coping c:\perl\lib and c:\perl\site\lib to a temp “lib” dir. Then zip it. Use this with a perl script and a long sleep command. Zip the “lib” dir inside “libzip-tmp” dir into a new file. Now I have a new file with all the packages I need.
Date: 6-15-2004 Name: gmpassos TinyPerl 3.0 is comming... For Win32 and Linux, and Perl 5.6.1, 5.6.2, 5.8.3, 5.8.4.
Date: 4-30-2004 Name: asdf Nice idea. But maybe you could use the libzip compression in the binaries as well, to compress the source code and decompress it when needed, so that the exe file is smaller and thus even more portable. just a thought
Date: 4-24-2004 Name: Han Sijmons hi great tool.. but is it not smart to make a version for linux? i'm making a floppy distro with as much programming languages on it as possible and it would be fun to add perl to the list.. ;-) greetings, han sijmons
Date: 4-6-2004 Name: Matthew Borja HEY!!!! I can't believe it! I am a Technology Specialist for the local school district of over 500 nodes and you've practically saved my life and career! I have many scripts needed to run on our huge servers to automate tasks! Your script to guibinary option turns my CLI scripts into background processes! And with that, they can be placed into startup and executed as background services! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Date: 3-27-2004 Name: Naf Very nice version of perl. 1) Are there plans for a new releas? 2) how can I get wxPerl to work with tinyperl? Regards and keep up the great work :-)
Date: 3-12-2004 Name: Ben binary mode is passing switch-like arguments /^-/ to tinyperl, not to the script!
Date: 3-12-2004 Name: Alex Realy great tool. Altho it would be great if it would crypt the source code inside of the file, so "ordinary" folks would nt be able to see it. But without that, it also a great tool !
Date: 12-17-2003 Name: Jonathan Jeffus This is an *excellent* tool. Thanks for the great work! I'm trying to build a with wxPerl built in. If I get it done I'll post a url. Thanks again GM.
Date: 11-24-2003 Name: pitoulefou Hi I made several programs free to download with tinyperl. It's a great tool even if full of bugs
Date: 10-31-2003 Name: Matt G-L Is there sourcecode hiding around somewhere?
Date: 9-30-2003 Name: Harsh B Hi, This is really a GOOD piece of work. Tinyperl is really useful to me and I have you to thank for it ! :)
Date: 8-21-2003 Name: johan How can i use the tinyperl program to create the executable? Always receive problems with the
Date: 8-18-2003 Name: Sundance Can anyone include Tk in TinyPerl modules. Or show the way to do ? This is the perfect multiplatform deployment scheme I've been looking for :) Thanks a lot
Date: 7-19-2003 Name: Vadim Konovalov 1. if you'll remove *.lib files from inside your archive size will decrease, those .lib not needed for compilation 2. Is it possible to look at a source file that was used for creation of tinyperl.exe? 3. You said you compiled without PerlIO but your contains PerlIO subdirectory. Isn't this a contradiction?
Date: 6-3-2003 Name: Don Sounds like we need a way to automagically grab only the necessary dlls, libs, pms, etc. for specific applications. Has anyone looked into doing this for TinyPerl? Or has anyone created additional files for things like Tk?
Date: 5-29-2003 Name: Charles On the downloads page it says "Mirro" instead of "Mirror"
Date: 4-24-2003 Name: James Moosmann Great Job! I would like to contribute in some way. I have notice a few buggy things... __DATA__ doesn't seem to work nor SIG{ALRM}. I think is a masterful piece of work. I was wondering if it is possible to dynamically load just the modules that are needed from the Perl base installation based on each module... and have a utility pack them up for the user. How can I help? James
Date: 3-26-2003 Name: Mike Great!!!!!!!!!!! How about the ability to use another file. That way i can have several ready to go. Like would include the tk libs. Also how about other operating systems. I also wok on Solaris. Thanks for such a cool tool!
Date: 2-19-2003 Name: gmpassos about the bzip2. Well, I can try this, but the implementation is hard! Since I need to make the module that loads the XS for compression not compressed!
Date: 2-12-2003 Name: Michael Goldshteyn Why not use the Compress-bzip2 module on the libraries? You can reduce the size of to just over 200k!
Date: 2-10-2003 Name: schweini as someone else noted, too: is it somehow possible to get 5.6 modules working with this? cool stuff, anyhow!
Date: 1-25-2003 Name: hypo hoho~ nice!
Date: 1-25-2003 Name: hypo hoho~ nice!
Date: 1-24-2003 Name: gmpassos preparating tinyperl 2.0 for Perl-5.6.1...
Date: 1-23-2003 Name: boo_radley is there any chance of seeing a 5.6.1 compatible tinyperl? It would be nice to use my existing perl lib instead of maintaining a separate one for tinyperl
Date: 1-14-2003 Name: Vinay Samudre Very nice.
Date: 1-9-2003 Name: Daniel Why they don't do this before!
Date: 1-9-2003 Name: Todd Very good tool! We can use to have fast Perl on Win32 PCs, or to publish my Wx apps! Thanks! ;P
Date: 1-5-2003 Name: gmpassos test2
Date: 1-5-2003 Name: gmpassos Feedback test!

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